Information about common lifesaving vaccines

Vaccines are given to children in order to help them develop immunity towards different diseases. This happens because when you administer a baby vaccination in Dubai, it stimulates the natural immune system of the body and helps it identify, attack, destroy and remember a known pathogen. This way, if the virus enters the body later on, the body will have the potential to identify and get rid of it before it causes any cellular damage.

A majority of immunizations are administered in the form of shot or injections. However, there are those too that are administered either through a nasal spray or orally. While a majority of health experts have long declared the safety of giving vaccinations to your children, there are people who believe that vaccinations are useless and only play a role in making people fall sick.

The fact of the matter is that child health is highly dependent upon the utilization of vaccinations. This is because vaccinations have the potential to protect the weak immune systems that babies have against a number of diseases and illnesses. The first Hepatitis B shot is given to children at birth. Two more are later administered at two months of age and then the final one when they are between six to eighteen months of age.

Apart from that, babies are also given vaccinations against influenza (HIB), Rotavirus (Rota), Inactivated Polio Virus (ICV), Pneumoccocal (PCV) and Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis (DTaP) at about two months of age. Apart from the HepB, all of the said shots are repeated again when the child is between four to six months of age.

When your child is between twelve to eighteen months of age, he will be given a fourth immunization shot of PCV, HIB, DTaP and ICV. Apart from that, it is also possible for your child to receive the yearly flu shot starting from the time he becomes six months to a year old. Apart from that, your child will also be given proper immunization against mumps, measles, rubella, two doses of Hepatitis A and Varicella. In case he falls sick and faces a risk of dehydration for some reason, he can be treated through IV therapy Dubai too.

For the record, vaccinations are given through injections, orally and even in the form of a nasal spray. Oral immunizations are available for diseases like polio, typhoid, cholera and rotavirus etc. For influenza, you can even get a nasal spray vaccine for your child.