How to build interest in medicine of your child?

A child can be mold in anyway. You can mold them to become a gentleman or you can mold them to become a beggar. You can even mold them to become doctor or opt for any medical fields. There are different ways to mold them. Some of them are:

  1. First aid: Take them to any cpr training in dubai or any place you live to build their interest in childhood. You can show them different videos on first aid in which they can be taught that how they can do bandage and give medicines to patents. These videos should have ethics about medicine that how to behave with them and how to cajole them because children love affection and affection in videos build their interest. You can even download several first aid applications in their phones to give them more knowledge about medicines and healthcare. In fact, you can tell names of medicines and give them task to make first aid box. In this way you can see their interest in health too.
  2. Internship: There are so many hospitals who need youngsters to work in their place as interns. Interns are people who work in workplace for few days and weeks on small amount. Enrolling them in different internship programs at safety consultants in UAE or in medical places will let them know about their passions and interests. And if they would have some interest, then these visits will strengthen it more and make them passion stronger. However, it is better to enroll them in public hospitals’ programs because they could see more severe cases in such hospitals than public sector because they are affordable so anyone can come there for treatment.
  3. Researches and medical journals: You can even buy different medical journals or get some researches and experiments on internet to build their interest. In this way, you can update them with current inventions and discoveries in the field of medicines while making them to become more passionate about MBBS and becoming doctor. Besides this, they will come to know about other fields and branches of medicine too like pharmacy, dentistry, biotechnology, genetic engineering and many others which will also help to know about their own interest.

So, these are few ways to build interest of your children in medicine. Medicine is very respectable and the most successful field but it does not mean that you should pull of your kids in this sector. There are other fields and occupations too. Let them choose their favourite profession and let them enjoy their lives.