Why A Marketing One Sheet Is Important For Voice Over Talents

Voice over talents are important part of a marketing and production team. Their voice are the ones who gives the videos superior quality and what sets it apart from the competition. That is why these talents need all the need they can have to deliver a quality job, and that is through a marketing one sheet.

A marketing one sheet is a document that contains all the information about the project and the material. Usually this is given to all individuals involve in the marketing and production of the campaign to give them an idea what the project is all about. Even though voice over talents come only during post production work, they also need to be briefed about the project

If you are having second thoughts on giving this confidential information to a Dubai voice over talent for a project, here are some reasons that would convince you to think otherwise

  • So the voice over talent is not blindsided about the project

One of the most common mistakes that marketing and production companies commits is forgetting to give the brief in advance to the post-production team, especially to the voice talents. They think that since they will come later in the project, there is no rush on giving the brief. But the ideal set up is, they should be aligned even at the start of the project. This is to help them determine if they are getting a British voice over artist or subscribe to different voice talents for the project.

  • So he will know what the team wants in terms of voice quality

Another reason why marketing teams should provide a brief early on is for the voice over talent to know what the team needs in advance. The brief will give him an idea on the quality of voice he will provide on the project. Usually, voice over talents read and internalize the project through the brief and the video materials they will be provided. With regards to the brief, they usually look for words that would equate to the voice over quality that the management wants. For instance, modulated voice equates to trust and loyal. Light voices are more fun and relaxed.


  • So he can plan on working with the script in accordance to the brief

Voice overs provide a unique quality to promotional videos and providing that quality does not happen overnight. There are some voice talents who needs time to read the script and practice so he can get the voicing right the first time. It lessens the management time in using the studio and also get the video editing done in time.