What Makes A Qualified Babysitter For Your Toddler

Taking care of a toddler is a whole other league. They have special needs that need to be address that is different from a newborn child. That is why you need a competent babysitter that can answer that needs and take good care of your kid.

But with all the babysitter services in Dubai offering their competent nannies, what would be your criteria for choosing? If you are on the process of getting or interviewing some, here are some qualifications you need to check:

  • Experienced with kids

The first thing that you need to check is whether your potential nannies have experienced with kids. They don’t need to have a degree in Psychology, but it is important that they know how to deal with toddlers. They know how to deal with their ever-changing moods and tantrums in a gentle way.

When you are interviewing potential babysitters from your trusted nanny agency in Dubai, ask them about their previous experience on dealing with children and give them possible scenarios and see how they deal with such incidents. You need to see if they have the capacity to handle a kid’s extreme behavior the right way.

  • Trained with basic first aid

Since you will not be around at all times to watch over your kid, your nanny will do it for you. But kids will always be kids and sometimes accidents happen. In these cases, a guardian must know what to do when a kid gets into an accident. It would be best if the nanny that you will be getting have a basic training on first aid and a medical experience too. They need to know what to do when accident strikes, especially if you are not around to handle it.

  • Trustworthy

A lot of people hear stories about how their nannies mistreated their kids while they are away or not looking or doing something suspicious behind their backs. Which is why getting a trusted nanny to take good care of your kids is hard. What you can do is have an in-depth background checking on the nanny’s profile. You can ask the nanny agency to provide you one before you employ her.

  • Dependable

The reason why you are getting a nanny is you need someone to look after the kids when you are busy with work or other activities, so you need someone you can rely on to do the job. They should be on time and can follow directions you provided. But they also need to make sound decisions when needed and necessary.