Training Courses For Construction Companies

The construction industry is a very risky and hazardous industry. Danger is always present in this field, especially the workers. With that kind of risk that the construction workers are facing, they need to have specialized trainings for contractors and workers so they can ensure safety at work.

Here are some must-have trainings that contractors can take advantage of:

  • Flagman Training Course

For those who are not aware what a flagman and banksman is, it is someone who assisting on maneuvering of large vehicles in both large and confined spaces. There are many names that is associated to this kind of job depending on the industry. In the aviation industry, they are called wing guide or wing man. Some people think that this is a pretty easy job they can just take for granted, but a lot of accidents happen due to lack of training associated with this aspect- accidents that already cost equipment and even lives. Taking the flagman training course can help on minimizing such risks on site.


  • H2S Safety Training

There are some construction and maintenance-related industries that use hydrogen sulfide for their work. But this is a very dangerous element to work with and prolonged exposure that can be hazardous of one’s health. People working with this kind of element are advised to undergo a Self-Continued Breathing apparatus training in Dubai so they can very well prepare and react properly to hydrogen sulfide exposure. This training usually involved the basic information about the element, the inherent risks, and prevention.

  • Occupational Safety Training

All industries are required to undergo occupation safety training, especially companies working in construction industries. This is to identify risk in the workplace and find ways to prevent them. It is a common knowledge that the construction industry is a very risky industry to work with. Having to go through this kind of training would immensely lessen accidents and also ensure the safety of the people working on site.


  • Scaffold Inspection Training

Scaffolding is an essential equipment in various industries, especially with construction. This equipment enables worker to work above the ground. Due to its importance, it is a must that proper inspection should be done to this equipment from time to time. Going through a scaffold inspection training would help contractors and foreman on knowing the right way of using a scaffold, proper maintenance, and proper installation as well.


  • First Aid Course

First aid is probably one of the most needed training in any industry but is often taken for granted. Each company needs a qualified person to perform first aid in case something unfortunate happens.