Overcoming common mistakes prior to hiring a wedding planner

There is no denying that a quality event planning service will turn your wedding into one of the most amazing memories of your life. However, what if you ended up hiring the wrong event planning service? It might surprise you a little that something can go wrong even in a city like Dubai. Though the reason may not be what you might expect, but mishaps are a norm that often happens in event planning, especially wedding event planning.

Among others, there are things that might often lead you to think skeptically about the service. However, these small errors don’t necessarily rate a wedding service into a poor quality one. However, these mistakes will surely ruin the photos of your event. So, it should be understood that you are only going to hire a service that knows how to keep these errors at minimum. Here are some common errors that people often commit before hiring wedding organizer in Dubai :

Preferring Quantity Over Quality

The moment you think about the fact that the precious wedding moments often come just once in a lifetime, you tend to have a change in perception. Call a switch into your approach towards the event planning if you like but you like to pile up as many photos as possible. After all, you have to fill the album with your wedding photos and wouldn’t want to leave a single page empty. However, in the race of quantity, your event planner will also shift priorities and start focusing on quantity instead of quality. The result will be obvious, as the quality will be compromised because the focus was on quantity.

Hire Just One

Time and again we see bride and groom both coming equipped with their respective event planning teams. This not on and is bound to cause some conflicts. Ask any businessman and he will tell you never to assign the same task to two different teams. Doing so will always result in a conflict. The same is the case with assigning two event planning services to cover the same wedding. One team might ask bride groom to rise while the other will make them sit. Similarly, one will ask to stop while having food while the other will ask to continue. In short, so many conflicts will arise that you will get confused.

Just hire one service and ask them to cover ask them to focus on the quality of wedding flowers in Dubai and make your event memorable.