Tips on Planning a Kitchen Layout

You love cooking but your kitchen won’t let you work freely. You bump around things and the you lose the interest in cooking. Or you have kids which keep destroying your edible master piece. For that you need latest and modern kitchen layout which are constructed by considering the safety standard and have the best quality material. There are different types of kitchen layout which are made for different uses and environment. You can also remodel your kitchen according to those layouts. These layouts fit into latest homes, old model homes and even some put these layouts in the restaurants for giving the customers a feel of home.

There are not many layouts, in fact there are just some. First is the L-shaped layout. This is a kind of layout which has a cooking range in the corner and a dinning ware right next to it. This is the most common or you can say vintage kind of layout. And it costs very less. It has wooden cabinets and cupboard on the top. And drawer in the bottom. Small seats can be arranged near the dinning table. This kind of layout has a lot of windows but doesn’t have a lot space for more than 3 or 4 people. So, if you have small number of people in your home, this is the kitchen style for you.

Second is the I-Shaped layout. This is the most classic shaped layout, it gives a very jazzy look. This is a kind of kitchen which mostly elderly people love having it. It is also great for a kind of home which is small and you have less appliances. This kind of kitchen layout is used in apartments and hostels. This kind of layout is for people who have limited budget and it needs to be done in less time. Third is U-Shaped layout. This is very similar to the L-shaped layout. But this is also called a C-Shaped, it is best for the cooks who have to cook a lot because it is wider and it has a peninsula. Such kitchens are little expensive and are used in big homes. Fourth is the gallery kitchen which is also known as open kitchen such kitchens are used in restaurants and these are made by designers most of the time. 

If you are in UAE where apartments have small kitchen you can hire companies which provide services of kitchen renovation in Dubai or hire kitchen design companies in Dubai for the same purpose.