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Telecoms Fraud Management And Revenue Assurance World Summit 2014
Effective Strategies to Optimise Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance Processes

Conference: 24 - 25 April 2014
Swissotel Merchant Court, Singapore

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Why Attend?

Why Attend

Learn from Insights, Case Studies, Up-and-running Projects and Proven Country Experience shared by Global Leading Players and Tap Solutions to the following Critical Market Issues:

  • Scrutinising the Regulatory Approach to Cross Border Fraud
  • The Future of Revenue Assurance in An Age of 4G
  • How to re-define the role of revenue assurance and maximise the value that it can add to the business?
  • How should fraud and revenue assurance develop synergies in the future and how should they communicate better in order to prevent companies’ revenue loss?
  • Operator Cast Study – Enabling A Collaborative Approach to prevent Revenue Leakage
  • What are the most effective systems and procedures for detecting and mitigating identity fraud?
  • Operator Case Study – Mitigating International Revenue Share Fraud (RSF)
  • Operator Case Study – Leveraging Margin Assurance Reporting to Open Up New Opportunities and Business Benefits
  • Operator Case Study – Next Generation Threats: How do you identify and manage fraud and revenue assurance risks arising as a result of new network Infrastructure?
  • Operator Case Study – How to counteract frauds arising from billing problems?
  • How to efficiently organise your fraud and revenue assurance teams at a time of declining investment?
  • How do you measure the ROI of your fraud and revenue assurance initiatives in order to justify future investment?
  • Fraud & RA in the Digital Era - are you ready?
  • Improving Intelligence Sharing between Telecoms Operators and Other External Partners in order to Reduce Fraud
  • Optimising Your Fraud Detection and Management Strategies in an IP-based Environment
  • Looking Beyond Traditional Revenue Assurance and Fraud: Bringing Additional Value to the Business
  • Test Call Generation for advanced Interconnect Fraud Detection & Billing Verification Services
  • How to Leverage on New Streams of Big Data to Help in Finding Fraud Patterns and Revenue Assurance?
  • Operator Case Study - Managing Subscription Fraud Amidst Rapid Growth in Subscriber Base
  • Operator Cast Study – How to Proactively Prevent Fraud Whilst Improving Your Internal Processes?
  • Operator Case Study – How to Secure Revenue from New Value Added Services such as Mobile Payments Whilst Proactively Managing the Associated Fraud Risks?
  • Operator Cast Study – Standard Process for Measuring the Fraud Management’s Performance / KPI and Risk Level Calculation
  • Operator Case Study - Convergence of Revenue Assurance into Business Assurance
  • Combating bypass (grey) traffic instead of generic
  • Action steps to take based on your findings of the fraud patterns and revenue assurance
  • How do you effectively communicate with your customers about fraud without damaging brand perception?