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Risk-Based Inspection

Date: 11-12 November 2009
Venue: Dubai, UAE

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The course facilitator is a senior consultant and training officer with Tischuk International, one of the world leaders in risk based integrity management systems. He has background at hands-on operational levels and subsequently of management in refineries, petrochemicals plants and later in oil/gas production, specifically in training; RBI & integrity management; safety & reliability; NDE & inspection; auditing and change management; design; R & D; production control; planning; written schemes of examination; overseeing implementation of RBI programs.

Prior to working with Tischuk, he spent many years with Douglas Oil and Conoco, principally in oil refining. Initially working as a designer, subsequent posts included management of inspection services and project engineering, covering plant expansion and maintenance as well as process improvement initiatives.

His reviews of integrity management across organisational divisions and management of change were particularly important in building his capability for his current role as RBIM Facilitator, supporting the implementation of RBIM in many organisations. Other factors were his extensive knowledge of failure mechanisms, plant reliability and pressure equipment legislation.

His current role with Tischuk involves the training and guiding of client User teams during the initial stages of their RBIM implementation. He also assists with the plant integrity review phases of RBIM program updates and carries out program audits. He is a past chairman of the UK Committee of User Inspectorates and was the UK Representative and chairman of the European Committee of User Inspectorates.