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Risk-Based Inspection

Date: 11-12 November 2009
Venue: Dubai, UAE

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Chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas, and refinery sectors are facing tougher safety, environmental and mechanical integrity regulations, as well as challenges associated with the need for both cost and leak reduction to improve safety and availability.

Under these circumstances, it has become crucial to manage operational risk through the use of effective technology and best practices for inspection and maintenance planning. One of the highest benefit maintenance methodologies is Risk Based Inspection (RBI) which uses risk ranking of equipment as a basis for inspection.

This course will provide an insight into the benefits of Risk Based Inspection and the planning of inspection using risk analysis. It will also clearly outline the purpose of risk analysis and to assess the consequences and risks of failure. As such any inspection plan can then target high-risk equipment and be designed to detect potential degradation before fitness-for-service can be threatened.

The course will help your organisation with more reliable plant operations while resources are controlled, by generating information on the types of damage that may be expected of the plant equipment, the appropriate inspection techniques to be used, where to look for the potential damage, and how often inspections should take place.