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Monetising Big Data in Telecoms World Summit 2015
Monetising internal and external big data to drive brand loyalty and develop new revenue streams

Conference: 20 - 21 April 2015
Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore

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Programme :

  • Critical Success Factors for Monetising Telco Data
  • Big Data: From Concept to Revenue
  • Operator Keynote Address - Big Data: From Concept to Revenue
  • Mining Big Data for Operational Intelligence
  • Operator Case Study – How to Gain Competitive Advantage and Drive Brand Loyalty Whilst Ensuring Customer Privacy?
  • Creating Real Time, Data Based Platform to Improve Customer Experience with Analytics
  • Mining Big Data for Operational Intelligence
  • How to effectively extract actionable insights from Unusual Large Sets Data?
  • Operator Case Study – Leveraging Untapped Internet Activity Data and Proactive Communications to Turn Subscribers into Fans
  • Operator Case Study – Predictive Churn and Customer Behaviour Analysis
  • Operator Case Study – Embracing Customer Feedback to Enhance Customer Loyalty
  • Operator Case Study – How Mobile Operators Can Drive Customer Experience Management Strategies Based Upon Big Data Analysis?
  • Operator Case Study – Deploying and Creating Value Utilising Big Data Analytics
  • INTERACTIVE PANEL DISCUSSION: Challenges and Opportunities in Big Data Analytics for Telcos
    • Business aspect
    • Technology aspect
    • Privacy aspect
  • Issues and Challenges of Existing Big Data Technologies in Telcos
  • Operator Keynote Address - Challenges of Getting Investments into Big Data Projects for Telcos
  • Operator Keynote Address - Challenges of Getting Investments into Big Data Projects for Telcos
  • Operator Keynote Address - Telco Big Data & Analytics: Building A Strategic Roadmap
  • Operator Case Study - How Big Data Can Be Applied to Strategic & Tactical Commercial Requirements?
  • How to Exploit A New Focus on Big Data to Gain A Competitive Advantage?
  • Big Data Monetization - The Path from Internal to External
  • Mo Money, Mo Problems. Data Monetization notes from the field
  • Operator Case Study – Enabling New B2B Partnership and New B2C Engagement Strategies through Big Data Analytics
  • The Journey to Successful Analytics – Where to Start and Why?
  • Analytics to Enhance Quality of Service and Quantity of Experience
  • Operator Case Study – How to Harness Value from Both Internal and External Big Data?
  • Operator Case Study – Business Intelligence in an Era of Big Data
  • Operator Case Study – How to Convert Big Data into Tangible Revenue Streams?
  • Operator Case Study – The Algorithmic Marketing Revolution
  • INTERACTIVE PANEL DISCUSSION: Finding New Streams of Revenue through Effective Big Data Strategy
    • Who Are the Buyers and Sellers of Big Data and What Does Each Party Bring to the Table?
      • Who are the main buyers and sellers of Big Data?
      • What markets do they operate in?
      • What types of information are they buying?
    • How Can Operators Offer Analytics as An Effective Service?
      • Correlating real-time analytics across multiple data sources
      • Big data and impact on ROI
      • How to calculate an effective and practical ROI?