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Monetising Big Data in Telecoms World Summit 2015
Monetising internal and external big data to drive brand loyalty and develop new revenue streams

Conference: 20 - 21 April 2015
Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore

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“I found this to be the first event on Big Data, an emerging area of interest within the telecommunications space. The event attracted a number of technical experts, telecom operators, vendors and financial analysts and was a great networking opportunity. The location and ambience made it a very enjoyable conference.” – P. Gokarn, Indosat

“Symphony Gobal provides a very professional platform for different organisations across the globe to interact with each other, gather trends & insighrs and help grow each others’ business. It was a great conference and very well organised. The panel of speakers and presenters was very elite and the event was very insightful to me.” – R. Jain, Snapdeal

"I like how this event has diversity of big data implementors – from analytics to telecom. The networking sessions is great!" – M.G. Cruz, Globe Telecom

“I am very encouraged by the many operator case studies presented.” – G. Chua, Celcom

““This conference was incredible and right mix of experts and talent from diverse background trying to solve the complex issues of data montization and management. I was able to resolve and gained insights from presentation and able to networked with vendors and would helped me to scale up the business to new height.” – R. Kanwar, Bistip

“The summit helped me tremendously to gauge other operators' acceptance and status in the theme of telecom data monetization. Although this is still in its early stages, it provides a fantastic forum for operators and vendors to identify focus areas and visions together so we can eventually experiment and build the right solutions.” – G. Yuen, PCCW

"The summit was faithful to its objectives and gave me a lot of insights and relevant content. Although there were vendors/providers around, most of the speakers substantially delivered relevant content without necessarily pushing for their products or services.” – A.A. Matugas, Smart Communications

“Very informative. It was interesting and exciting to share ideas with other members and see what other companies and the industry as a whole are doing. Good discussion & interaction.” – J. Maimoon, Lynx Analytics

“I was simply great being there. It was very informative and useful. And great networking opportunity too.” – R. Verma, Vserv

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