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Monetising Big Data in Telecoms World Summit 2018
Generating New Revenue Streams through Your Effective Big Data Strategy

Conference: 23 - 24 April 2018
Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore

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Corporate Sponsor:

Kogentix is a leading AI software and services firm offering practical artificial intelligence solutions fueled by big data.   Leveraging the Kogentix Automated Machine Learning Platform (AMP) and an expert services team, Kogentix delivers rapid business results while at the same time helping our clients build a lasting capability to innovate and differentiate.  Kogentix has extensive experience helping telecommunications clients utilise machine learning to understand and anticipate their customers’ needs, improve financial indicators, and deliver superior network performance.  With Kogentix AMP, the focus isn’t just on better algorithms, but better business results.

Lynx is an analytics solution provider with a focus on big data graphs. Founded in 2010 by a group of INSEAD scholars Lynx helps enterprise clients, such as telecom, financial service providers and others, to unlock social network and lifestyle insights embedded in raw transactional data sets such as call data records etc. Our Customer Targeting solution offers a genuine single customer view powered by behavioural modeling. Our Happiness Index helps to predict realtime customer sentiments across the product experience journey. Today Lynx is growing rapidly with 9 offices globally, diverse expertise domains, and a US$10M investment from strategic investors.

Associate Sponsor:

Mobilewalla, the leading mobile audience intelligence platform, provides agencies and brands insights into their consumers globally. Our innovative technology enables the persistent analysis of audiences over time. We’re the only platform that analyzes location and app usage over time to discover real audience nuances. Two years can take a consumer from a sports car to a minivan, from an Adventure Traveler to a Business Traveler, and only Mobilewalla can show you the path to how they got there.


Monetising Big Data in Telecoms World Summit 2018 offers you the most effective platform to demonstrate your thought leadership and showcase your products and services at the largest high profile gathering of telecoms industry leaders in the world that includes senior management and decision makers.

Sponsorship packages can be customised to suit your exact branding and marketing requirements and ensure your company is at the forefront of the industry senior managements’ mind in their decision-making process. For further details on sponsorship and exhibition opportunities or to discuss customised packages to meet your marketing and business needs,

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