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Monetising Big Data in Telecoms World Summit 2018
Generating New Revenue Streams through Your Effective Big Data Strategy

Conference: 23 - 24 April 2018
Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore

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Conference Programme:

  • Successful Digital Transformation through Your Effective Big Data Strategy
  • Fueling Growth through Data Monetization
  • Enhancing Your Customers’ Experience & Reducing Churn through Big Data Analytics
  • Predictive Customer Engagement through ‘Customer Happiness Index’
  • Telco Data: Myth v. Reality
  • Letting Your Data Talk and Realising Its Potential
  • Enabling Modern Data Architecture
  • Operator Case Study - Maximizing MTRASS as Single Source of Truth to Drive Data Monetisation in Smartfren
  • Operator Case Study – Managing People, and Robots, in an Analytics & A.I. Transformation
  • Compatibility of Legacy Systems with a Real-Time Analytics Approach
  • Operator Case Study - Efficient Data Governance with Machine Learning Data Integration
  • Operator Case Study – How Chatbot Implementation in Telenor helps in Maximising Customer Experience?
  • Big Data for Customer Good?
    • What do we want to achieve from our use of customer mobile data?
    • How do we shift from asking what big data can do for us, to what it can do for our customers?
    • What types of information will help our customers reduce their costs or risks?
    • What type of information is currently widely dispersed, but would benefit the customer if brought together?
  • Mobility Analytics: Monetize Telco Data Assets & Strengthen Offering for Enterprise Customers
  • Exploring Innovative Data Analytics
  • Leading Telecoms Who Grow Their Business With GPU-Driven Massive Data Analytics
  • The Trifecta Effect for Telco Analytics – Subex Experience with Anomaly Detection for Enhancing Customer Analytics
  • IoT Data Analytics Challenges in Mobile Networks
  • Machine Learning & AI on Fast Big Data: Challenges and Perspective
  • Embedding Geospatial Analysis to Identify High Value Customer
  • Operator Case Study - Maximizing the Business Impact of Insights
  • Leveraging Marketing Science to Gain Competitive Advantage
  • Monetising Your Big Data Strategy
  • Integrating Multiple Data Sources to Drive Data Monetisation
  • Operator Case Study – How True Corp’s Practices in Chatbot and Call Center Help in Creating Business Value?
  • Operator Case Study – Combatting Customer Churn: Conventional and New Treatments – Opportunities & Challenges involved
  • Generating New Revenue Streams & Identifying Revenue Risk with Data Analytics
    • Identifying the potential value of the problems you’re trying to resolve
    • Selling analytics and insights as opposed to raw anonymized data
    • Creating an improved revenue administration and revenue model