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Monetising Big Data in Telecoms World Summit 2018
Generating New Revenue Streams through Your Effective Big Data Strategy

Conference: 23 - 24 April 2018
Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore

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“The Monetising Telecom Big Data event was excellent. In addition to being well run, the attendees and the discussions were of a high level. For anyone who wants to learn about big data and its ramifications for telecoms, this conference is the right event to attend.” – D.L., SQream

“First of all, I would like to thank Symphony Global for inviting me to this great event. Symphony Global team's planning and execution of the event is top notch, from the venue, food, & up to the speaker transitions. Symphony Global's Conference has brought together a group of like-minded individuals from different parts of the world who are all working together to help bridge the adoption and transition of Telcos into the Data & Analytics era. Sharing knowledge and expertise and discussing issues and concerns is a great way to make sure everyone is on to the trends of telco in the Analytics space. I hope to get invited again next year!” – M.O., Globe Telecom

“Great, excellent and must attended event in Telco! It’s really a well-organized big data analytics summit that brought you a wider knowledge, perspective, real challenge, experience and new idea across telco service providers, business and industries.” – C.W., Smartfren Telecom

“Symphony Global’s initiating to bring in different telecom operators & vendors to a single platform is really commendable.” – S.B., CEMtics Solutions

“The event is very fruitful. Environment is great. The presenter and the content provided is well organized and easy to understand. One thing that I appreciate most is the conference presentation materials that being provided to us after the conference. It is well organized according to time and presenter. Good job.” – L.K.C., webe digital

“It was a great telecom event to leverage on best practices, learning new ways of data analytics to monetise and also understand some of the key initiatives that other telecom players are driving at. Over all a great event and networking platform to learn.” – P.C., Vodafone

"This event helps me understand many new technologies and current best practices in the Telecom sectors. The GPU database technologies are particularly interesting." – K.C., True Corp

“The conference is a great platform for exchanging new ideas and learning best practices across the globe in Telecom sector. It was a great learning for 2 days with like-minded professionals. I came across numerous options of monetization available across Telcos. The multiple propositions by partners/vendors were very interesting. This conference has also provided good opportunities for networking. I had shared my learning & experience as well which was very well received by other participants. Great job by the organizers for making it a flawless event & great experience.” – P.M., Vodafone India

“Symphony Global did a good job making the event beneficial for both parties, the clients and service/software partners. Most of the presentations bring new ideas and experiences for others. SG welcomes guests with utmost sincerity. The accommodation, food, conference room are well prepared too. Thanks again!” – M.W., XL Axiata

“The intimate setting of the conference allowed us as sponsors to interact and network with attendees in a very focused manner. Overall the coordinators and event crew were extremely helpful and flexible in ensuring that our experience at the event was smooth.” – G.S., Lynx Analytics

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