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Monetising Big Data in Telecoms World Summit 2017
Profiting from your effective big data strategy

Conference: 20 - 21 April 2017
Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore

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Conference Programme:

  • Telco Transformation: Exploring the Role of Data Analytics in the IoT Ecosystem – and Beyond!
  • Operator Keynote Address – Digital Transformation – A Network and Culture Shift
  • Enhancing Your Customers’ Experience through Big Data Analytics
  • Operator Case Study - Understand the Needs of your Customer to Ensure you Maximise Revenue through Big Data: Do’s and Dont’s for Becoming a Data-driven Organisation
  • Monetizing Broadband Data
  • How Behavioral Analytics Can Protect Your Most Valuable Asset - Customer Data?
  • Operator Case Study - Turning “Interesting Data” into Valuable Insights - Re-thinking the Way We Work
  • Creating A First Class Data Analytics Team
    • Getting the right people – but do they always need to have a telco background?
    • How do you recruit the right people – what to look for?
    • Learnings and insight from players in different verticals
    • Creating an organisation with data at its heart
  • Unique Data Science Approach to Telecom Scale Data
  • What Makes Data Valuable for Digitizing Customer Support with Machine Learning?
  • Age of Robotic Data Scientist
  • Stepping Out into the World of Digital Advertising to Support your Data Monetisation Strategy
  • Operator Case Study – Driving Improvements in Your Customer Service Through Customer Analytics
  • Moving from Thought to Action: Instilling A Data Driven Culture
    • Exploring the role of the executive team in driving top down culture transformation
    • Making big data an essential part of your digitalisation and monetisation strategy
    • Breaking down the silos - tying marketing and technical together
  • Designing and Building Intelligent, Immediate Data-Hubs for IoT
  • Operator Keynote Address - Business Value Creation from An Integrated Data Analysis Platform
  • Exploring Innovative Data Analytics
  • Real-time Monetisation Strategies of Digital Service Providers
  • Geospatially Enabling Your Big Data to Increase Revenue Streams
  • Identifying the Value of your Network Data to Ensure you are Identifying Potential Revenue Streams and Increase Savings
  • Operator Case Study – The Challenges of Self-Service Analytics
  • Monetising Your Big Data Strategy
  • From Single Customer View to QuadPlay Household View, & Happiness Index to Engineer Improvement in NPS/Churn/Upsell
  • Big (Business) Data Platform with Hadoop and HANA
  • Building A Data Analyst Workplace and Creating Data Products
  • Operator Case Study - Unlocking New Opportunities for Big Data Monetisation across Industry Sectors and the Internet of Things
  • Operator Case Study – Monetizing Telecom Data in Real-Estate Segments: A Machine Learning Approach
  • Exploring New Revenue Pockets through Leveraging Customer and Vendor Profiles
    • What measures can you take to educate your customers about the use of their data?
    • How can you introduce value and benefits for customers to avoid customer withdrawals and extend data capabilities?
    • Creating a platform of third party data leveraging use-cases to establish customer and vendor credibility whilst exploring new potential revenue pockets
    • Evolutional external development: Leveraging data externally through mobility context application from mobile networks to mobility of users
    • Creating customer centric vendor business use cases: Benchmarking and location profiles
    • How can you utilise customer use-cases to establish a long term internal data monetisation strategy without compromising the trust of your customers?
    • What you have accomplished to-date and what are the opportunities and challenges you are expecting in 2017?