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Mobile Payments & NFC World Summit 2013
Encompassing:Mobile Payments & Mobile Wallets, NFC Technologies, Mobile Money Transfer & Mobile Remittance, Mobile Banking, Banking the Unbanked & Microfinance Services, Profiting from Mobile Payments Services through Strategic Partnership & Alliances

Conference: 18-19 April 2013
Venue: Eaton Hong Kong

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Conference Highlights & Workshop Programme

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Conference Highlights :

  • Analysing the Impacts of Regulatory Environment on Mobile Payments
  • 15 Case Studies from Mobile Operators, Banks, Money Transfer Providers, Mobile Transfer Networks, mWallets, Retailers, Public Transit Provider, ‘Interoperability Hubs’, Handset Manufacturers and Technology & Equipment Providers
  • Banker’s Panel Discussion
  • Discussion on Various Partnership/Alliance/Joint-Venture Models
  • Security Issues in Delivering Mobile Payments Services
  • Effective & Sustainable Strategies to Encourage Active Consumer’s Usage of Mobile Payments
  • Handset Technology Development Updates
  • • Mobile Payments Stakeholder’s Panel Discussion (Full Stakeholder Representation from Mobile Network Operators, Banks, Retailers, Public Transit Provider, Handset Manufacturer & Technology Vendor)