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M-Commerce World Summit 2011
Mobile Money Transfer & Mobile Remittance, Mobile Payments & NFC Technologies, Mobile Banking,
Banking the Unbanked & Microfinance Services

Date: Conference: 6-7 April 2011, Pre-Conference: 5 April 2011, Post-Conference: 8 April 2011, Venue: Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore

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Conference Highlights

Conference Day One – 6 April 2011, Wednesday


Overview of Current Global Market Trends and Development for M-Commerce

A Future Direction for M-Commerce? Assessing Strategic Opportunities at the Nexus of Social Networks and Mobile Value Transfers

  • Do social networks like Facebook, Orkut, QQ, have a role to play in the future of m-commerce?
  • What implications are there for the intersection of mobile, social, and commerce (MoSoCo) in developing and developed countries?
  • What does the timeline look like and what are the likely business scenarios?


Operator Case Study - Growth of International Mobile Commerce

  • The growing markets for mobile commerce
  • The gap between the mobile commerce world
  • Cost versus Revenue in offering mobile commerce
  • The cost-effective solution for payment interconnectivity

Operator Case Study – Collaboration – The Key Towards A Viable Business in Mobile Money

  • The market and need assessment
  • Why collaboration
  • Understanding the stakeholders Sensitivity
  • Possible Collaborative approaches in harnessing the mobile money opportunity
  • Possible policy evolution for an efficient service

Operator Cas Study - Surmounting the Challenges of MFS in India

  • MFS opportunities in India
  • Regulatory framework
  • Facing the Realities
  • Bridging the Gap
  • Experiments and experience
  • The Way ahead

CASE STUDIES FROM BANKERS, REMITTANCE PROVIDER & PAYMENT NETWORKS – Mobile Money Transfer/ Mobile Remittance & Mobile Banking

Remittance Provider Case Study - Mobile Remittance in 2011

  • Mobile Remittance to date
  • Current trends
  • What’s next?

Mobile Banking and Payments Success from the Bank’s Point-of-View

  • The evolving mobile banking and payments landscape
  • Case studies from successful launches in Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi and Rwanda
  • The challenges in bringing people from money transfer services to banking
  • Lessons learned and future projects

Banker Case Study - Social Networks, Mobility & Their Impact on Retail Banking

  • Impact social networks and mobile devices have had on each other
  • Implications of social networks and mobility on banks
  • The opportunity and challenges for banks

Banker Case Study – “UMobile” – A Case Study

  • The Bank
  • Mobile Banking & Commerce – Potential in India
  • Case Study 1 – Mobile PoS
  • Case Study 2 – IMPS (Instant Inter-bank transfer)
  • Case Study 3 – Union e-Cash (Emergency Cash Remittances)
  • Mobile Commerce – The Road ahead in India

Banker Case Study – Mobile Payments: Emerging Landscape in India

Banker Case Study – Mobile Banking - Consumer Behaviour and Adoption

PANEL DISCUSSION: - Tapping on the Commercial Opportunities and Tackling the Challenges in Offering Mobile Financial Services for the Banks

Opportunities and Benefits:

  • New channels to reach customers
  • The business case
  • Alignment of electronic banking channels for consumer customers
  • Competitive edge
  • Decrease in customer service cost and operational efficiency
  • Call centre strategy / volume reduction


  • Technical aspects and IT integration
  • Cash-in and Cash-out issues
  • Cost to customers (transactions, connectivity, packages)
  • Security and usability issues
  • Dealing with mobile operators and telecommunications regulators
  • Commercial and partnership models

Conference Day Two – 7 April 2011, Thursday


Building Global Mobile Payment Infrastructure and Beyond

Strategies to Succeed in M-Commerce

Payment Infrastructure for the New Age of Consumer Payments

Alternatives Payment Approaches in Developed Markets

  • Market dynamics unique to the Asian region
  • Review of regulations in the market that impact mobile money deployments
  • Opportunities for delivering an impactful end-user mobile financial service


Broadband Technologies for Mobile Money Transfer

  • Overview of Current broadband technologies and Market Trends
  • Evolution of Mobile Broadband Technologies
  • Impact of Mobile broadband Technologies on applications such as Location-based services, mobile search, mobile browsing, mobile health monitoring, mobile payment, near field communication services, mobile advertising, etc.
  • Technology Options for Delivering M-Commerce Services
  • Impact of NFC Technologies on Mobile Money Transfer
  • Technologies for banking the unbanked
  • Technology Developments in Mobile Handsets
  • Impact of smart phones on User-friendly and Secure Mobile Payments

Building an Open Mobile Payments Ecosystem

  • Evolving Roles of Ecosystem Partners
  • Benefits of an Open Ecosystem
  • Delivering Value to Stakeholders


Operator Case Study – GLOBE TELECOM Experience: Challenges and New Opportunity in the Mobile Money Transfer Market (A Case Study of Implementation of GCASH)

  • GCash Refresher
  • Top 3 challenges for MMT
  • How can mobile banking be more successful
  • How can multi-sided networks be increased
  • Leveraging on existing infrastructure to develop the network

Operator Case Study – Dialog’s Experience in Launching Tradenet in Sri Lanka – Opportunities and Challenges

  • Building the critical Mass
  • Building the eco system
  • Scalability will depend on the uptake
  • Getting the assistance of the Governmental organizations and NGO’s
  • BOP can benefit the most but getting them to accept the technology is a challenge
  • Fulfillment
  • Business Model or profitability

Operator Case Study – Developing an Innovative M-Commerce Platform using Open API Concept

Operator Case Study - Agent Recruitment-Critical to Mobile Money

  • Traditional Method
    • Recruited Agents who sell Sim cards and Recharge cards.
    • Agents recruited representing the entire geographical area of Cambodia.
    • Agents recruited with a turnover matrix.
  • Change in Recruitment post launch of the product
    • Recruited unconventional agents outside of the mobile business.
    • Invested in intense training.
    • Rise in 65% in business volume and revenues

PANEL DISCUSSION: Developing Strategic Partnership & Best Business Model to Profit from M-Commerce Services

  • Business and Technological Considerations
  • Profitable & Sustainable Business Models
  • Additional Revenue Generating Channels