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M-Commerce World Summit 2010
Mobile Money Transfer & Mobile Remittance, Mobile Payments & NFC Technologies, Mobile Banking,
Banking the Unbanked & Microfinance Services, Mobile Marketing & Advertising

Date: Conference: 17-18 Mar 2010, Pre-Conference: 16 Mar 2010, Post-Conference: 19 Mar 2010, Venue: Shangri-La, Singapore

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Conference Highlights & Workshop Programme

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Conference Programme

Conference Day One – 17 March 2010, Wednesday


Securing Mobile Financial Services in Asia: 2010 & Beyond

  • Mobile Financial Services Eco-System and Key Stakeholders
  • Mobile modalities and associated vulnerabilities (WAP, Client-based and SMS)
  • Mobile threat landscape in Asia today - Risks and Countermeasures
  • Balancing user experience with security requirements
  • The Operator’s and Aggregator’s role in Over-the-air security
  • Support Model and Best Practices

A Road Map to the Future of International Mobile Money Transfer

  • The players in the money (value) transfer ecosystem today and tomorrow
  • Impact of transparency on the market – case examples
  • Money transfer corridors with biggest potential for Mobile Value Transfers (MVT)
  • Alternatives to money – some international MMT development is hindered by regulations, however international MVT is possible
  • Business model for international mobile airtime top-up – case examples

INDUSTRY ADDRESSES – Mobile Money Transfer/Mobile Remittance & Microfinance & Banking the ‘Unbanked’

Operator Case Study – Challenges & New Opportunities in Mobile Money Transfer: A Case Study in Implementation of GCASH

  • GCash Refresher
  • Top 3 challenges for MMT
  • How can mobile banking be more successful
  • How can multi-sided networks be increased
  • Leveraging on existing infrastructure to develop the network

Enabling Mobile Money Domestically and Internationally

Operator Case Study – Microfinance and Mobile Money for Financial Inclusion in South Asia – The Big Bangs

Operator Case Study – “WING – One Year On”

  • Overview
  • Implementation challenges of Cambodia
  • Mobile payments regulation
  • Using WING for small business services
  • Marketing methods


Banker Case Study – Accelerating Mobile Banking: Lessons From the Frontline (Case Study: ANZ New Zealand)

Banker Case Study – Absa Mobile Banking Case study with a Focus on Offering Mobile Money Transfer Services in South Africa

  • A view in the growth of Mobile Banking at Absa
  • A hollistic look at Mobile services offered at Absa
  • Bancassurance and cross services offered via the Mobile channel
  • An innovative way for Money Transfers in SA

Banker Case Study – Meeting the Needs of the Mass in India for Mobile Remittance

  • The Bank ( I represent)
  • The Eco System and Evolution MMT
  • Mobility – Today and Tomorrow
  • Mobile Money Transfers - Global Scenario
  • Indian Perspective for Mobile Banking/MMT
  • A case study – UMobile
  • What banks in India will do
  • The Road ahead

Banker Case Study – New Business Processes for Mobile Banking and Remittances

How Mobile Money Can Be Used to Support Microfinance?

  • Mobile Phone Banking Penetration: Philippine Rural Banks Experience
  • Practical Issues between Mobile Money Issuers & MFI Partnerships
  • Roadmap: Preparing MFIs to Promote Mobile Money and Mobile Financial Services
  • The Business Model For MFIs to offer and use Mobile Money
  • Issues and Lessons Learnt form Pilot Tests: Operational, Public Acceptance, and Regulations
  • Overcoming Cash In/Cash Out Constraints in the rural areas
  • Developing Mobile Money Ecosystem

Remittance Provider Case Study - Western Union's Experience in Providing Mobile Remittance

  • Insights from live pilots around the globe
  • The "partnership" model and why it makes sense
  • Agents as a critical component of mass market deployment

PANEL DISCUSSION: - Tapping on the Commercial Opportunities and Tackling the Challenges in Offering Mobile Financial Services for the Banks

Opportunities and Benefits:

  • New channel to reach customers
  • Competitive edge
  • Decrease in customer service cost
  • Reinforces bank’s position as an innovator
  • Operational efficiency
  • Call centre volumn reduction


  • Technical aspects
  • Cash-in and Cash-out issues
  • Cost to customer issues such as connectivity cost
  • Security issues
  • Dealing with multi-intermediaries of mobile operators in delivering the services to the customers
  • Commercial model

Conference Day Two – 18 March 2010, Thursday


Banking the Banked – Experiences Launching New M-Commerce Services in Europe and Africa

  • Rabo Mobiel as a GSM MVNO in The Netherlands
  • Experiences in Mobile Payments, NFC and Low-Value Payment Trials
  • Applying M-Commerce Best Practises in Africa
  • M-Commerce Case Studies: Zambia, Tanzania and South Africa


Payment Infrastructure for the New Age of Consumer Payments – including the "Unbanked"& "Uncarded"

  • Opportunities - new payment methods is creating to meet the needs of unbanked customers
  • Limitations of these - both in cost/deployment, as well as fragmentation at retail level, which is limiting services available to user communities

Evolution from Prepaid Solutions to Mobile Commerce

  • Piggy-backing on success of prepaid transaction services
  • Understanding market needs and user behaviour to extend m-commerce offerings
  • Expanding the mobile commerce universe with BOP-focused solutions

Case Study – Capitalizing on the Wave of Mobile Payments - A telco perspective

  • Who is the ideal mobile wallet provider in the value chain?
  • Is the telecom operator restrained to enabling mobile payments (via SIM rental etc.), or is there additional value to grasp?
  • Operator opportunity - from proximity to remote ticketing and P2P payments
  • Co-operative models with banks and enterprises - a starting guide

Broadband Technologies for Mobile Money Transfer

  • Overview of Current broadband technologies and Market Trends
  • Evolution of Mobile Broadband Technologies
  • Impact of Mobile broadband Technologies on applications such as Location-based services, mobile search, mobile browsing, mobile health monitoring, mobile payment, near field communication services, mobile advertising, etc.
  • Technology Options for Delivering M-Commerce Services
  • Impact of NFC Technologies on Mobile Money Transfer
  • Technologies for banking the unbanked
  • Technology Developments in Mobile Handsets
  • Impact of smart phones on User-friendly and Secure Mobile Payments

Mobile Financial Services in the Emerging Markets


Transit Provider Case Study – The Challenges of Implementing m-Payment in Transit

  • Typical NFC environment for transit
  • initialisation, usage and top-up
  • Viable business model
  • market size
  • cost drivers
  • Supporting technology
  • NFC handphones, processing system
  • Interoperability and certification
  • The non-transit factor

OPERATOR CASE STUDIES – NFC, Mobile Messaging & Regulatory Issues

Operator Case Study – Challenges of Mobile Commerce in Developing Countries

  • Trust
  • Regulation
  • Take up and cost
  • Banking for the masses
  • What it takes to cater to local needs
  • Adapting to what the customer wants at a profit

Operator Case Study – Advanced mPAY’s Experience in Deploying M-Payment

  • Company Overview
  • Market Opportunity
  • Business Concept
  • Key Success Factors

Operator Case Study – Mobile Money Business Opportunities for the Operator

Operator Case Study - Way forward to Face the Challenges of mCommerce within Bangladesh Context

  • Bangladesh Telco Industry Overview
  • mCommerce Ecosystem Analysis
  • Citycell mRemittance Business Plan and Model
  • Recent mCommerce Regulatory Update and Development in Bangladesh
  • Bangladesh Inward Remittance Market Analysis
  • mCommerce Competitive Landscape in Bangladesh
  • Key Challenges to roll out mCommerce ecosystem
  • Way Forward

Operator Case Study – Accessing Financial Regulation

  • Mobile Experience
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Combating of Financing of Terrorism (CFT)
  • Mobile Operators Role
  • Prudential Regulation: Deposits, Payments and E-money
  • Outsourcing and Use of Agents

PANEL DISCUSSION: Developing Strategic Partnership & Best Business Model to Profit from M-Commerce Services

  • Business and Technological Considerations
  • Profitable & Sustainable Business Models
  • Additional Revenue Generating Channels

Plus :

Pre-Conference Workshop : Mobile Marketing, Advertising and Commerce Workshop: Tools for Navigating the Industry Ecosystem, 16 March 2010

Post-Conference Workshop : How to Build and Calculate A Successful Business Case for Mobile Banking? 19 March 2010