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Customer Experience Management (CEM) in Telecoms World Summit 2019
Implementing Excellent CEM Strategy through Innovation

Conference: 25 - 26 April 2019
Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore

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Conference Programme:

  • Deliver the Next Generation Digital Customer Experience Enabled by Connected Intelligence
  • Let Your Customers Be Your Compass - Build A 360 Degree View in Digital Time
  • Are You Reay for the 4th Industrial Revolution?
  • Event Driven Architectures towards Next Generation Telco Customer Experience
  • Driving A Seamless Customer-Centric CEM
  • Operator Case Study - Why Omni-Digital is a Key Differentiator for Outstanding Customer Experience?
  • Operator Case Study – A Case Study on Customer Experience Strategy and Implementation at The Largest Telco (Telkom Indonesia) in the Region
  • Operator Case Study – Embracing the Value of Simplicity
  • The Digital Customer Experience: The Role of Identity-Centric Platforms
  • Sustaining A Culture of Experience
    • How will you maintain momentum amidst real business challenges?
    • How will you avoid the pitfalls that come with leading CX at scale?
  • From Retail to Me-tail: Tomorrow's Customers Are Here - and They're ChangingEverything
  • Unlocking Value in the Experience Economy
  • Leveraging the Strength of Your Partners in the Mobile Chain to Design New Levels of Customer Experience
  • Data-Driven Customer Experience: How Data and Machine Learning Can (and Cannot) Drive Better Customer Understanding and Experience
  • Operator Case Study – “The Pattern Language”: Propagating Service Design throughout Your Entire Company
    • How to maximise social media channels to enhance customer experience?
    • How to create, implement and communicate a customer-centric brand?
    • How to ensure your contact centre is efficient and customer-friendly?
    • How to implement truly customer-centric digital transformation?
    • How to eradicate silos and break down other organisational barriers to customer centricity?
    • How to leverage business model innovation to enhance customer-centric thinking?
    • How to ensure the billing process is customer-centric?
    • How to make sure your CX strategy is geared towards loyalty and retention?
    • How to use data to deliver personalised experiences?
  • CX Transformation: How Do You Actually Deliver to Your Customer in A Time of Complex Change?
  • Changing A Corporate Culture in An Era of Digital Transformation
  • Tapping on Innovative Technologies for Successful CEM Implementation – Big Data, Machine Learning & CX Automation
  • Driving Differentiation through Innovation Is At the Top of the Strategic Agenda: Are You Driving Innovation and Profits with Your Big Data?
  • Using AI & Machine Learning to Unlock the Full Value of Customer Experience Information
  • Synergetic Solutions: Machine Learning and Intelligent Process Automation
  • AI and Intelligent Engagement
  • Operator Case Study - Digital Disruption: Streamline Your Automation and Increase Your Customer Base
  • Operator Case Study – Scaling Capabilities to Compete in Telecom eCommerce
  • Operator Case Study – Turning the Direction of Dialogue: Using AI & Analytics for a Proactive Approach to Customer Experience Combining New Technologies
  • Operator Case Study – How Will IoT Change the Way in which Customers Interact With Us?
  • Operator Case Study – What is Added Value to An Enterprise?  Achieving B2B Brand Loyalty
  • INTERACTIVE PANEL DISCUSSION: What Will Be the Biggest Trends to Impact Customer Experience in Telecoms Over the Next Year?
    • What are the new technologies that are set to bring dramatic change to the industry?
    • What will the impact be on customer experience?
    • Where should we be shifting our focus to meet customer demands?