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Customer Experience Management (CEM) in Telecoms World Summit 2016
Profiting from Successful Implementation of Your CEM Strategy

Conference: 20 - 21 October 2016
Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore

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Conference Programme

  • Overview of Successful CEM Strategy Implementation Worldwide
  • Operator Keynote Address – Building A Customer First Culture
  • Driving A Seamless Customer Experience
  • Operator Case Study – Strategising Your CEM Plans through Effective Business Analytics
  • Do CSPs in Developing Countries need CEM?
  • Successful Big Data Implementation for Improved Customer Experience
  • Operator Case Study – Adopting an ‘Inside-Out’ Approach to Customer Experience
  • Using NPS Effectively in your Business to Leverage Customer Experience
  • Operator Case Study – How Can You Break Down Silos within Your Organisation and Drive Accountability for the Customer Experience Across All Job Functions and Departments?
  • INTERACTIVE PANEL DISCUSSION: How Can You Move from Being Reactive to Proactive in Your Approach to CEM?
    • How can you increase cross-functional collaboration to become more proactive?
    • Which channels can you leverage to serve your customers more proactively, and how can you maximize the efficiency of these?
    • How can you monitor customer satisfaction and pre-empt customer queries and complaints?
    • To what extent should you proactively notify customers of network issues?
  • Digital Disruption and Customer Experience Management
  • Operator Case Study – Digitizing the Customer Journey: Adopting agile way of working and customer as the center of everything!
  • Operator Case Study - Why Customer Experience and Enterprise Architecture Guys Need to Work Hand-In-Hand?
  • Increasing ROI through Effective CEM Strategy
  • Operator Case Study – True ‘Sales through Service’ - Leveraging A Customer-Focused Approach to Drive Both New and Up-Sells
  • How to Digitally Transform Your Organisation to Enhance Your Customers’ Experience?
  • Subscriber Network Experience – Is It Part of Your CEM Strategy?
  • INTERACTIVE ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION SESSION: Customer Experience Metrics and KPIs – Beyond NPS
    • The primary goals of an enhanced customer experience for telecoms operators are:
      • Increased customer acquisition
      • Reduced churn
      • Increased operational efficiency
  • Driving Customer Experience in the Digital Era
  • Discuss the key metrics you can use to measure your progress towards each of these three goals.
  • Leveraging Your Brand Equity in a Crowded Environment to Catalyse Business Growth
  • Operator Keynote Address – Delivering A Consistent Yet Personalised Experience Across All Channels
  • Ensuring A Smooth Journey in Successful CEM Implementation
  • Operator Case Study – Optimizing E²E Processes and Feedback Loops in the Customer Experience Journey
  • Case Study – Growing Employee Satisfaction and Customer Experience through Major Transformation
  • How to Improve Actual Customer Experience without Over Investing in the Network?
  • Designing a Seamless Omni-channel Experience to meet the Demands of the Customer
  • Operator Case Study – Proactively Monitoring Customer Feedback and Engaging in a Fulfilling Customer Experience
  • Rapidly Monetize Customer Engagements with A Modern and Personalized Buying, Order Delivery and Service Usage Experience
  • Achieving End to End Customer Engagement Optimization Powered by Analytics
  • Improving Customer Experience through Better Billing Communications
  • Operator Case Study – Delivering a Superior Customer Experience at Every Touch Point to Reduce Customer Complaints, Churn and Build Customer Loyalty
  • Operator Case Study – Utilising Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) to Truly Understand the Needs and Preferences of the Customer
  • INTERACTIVE PANEL DISCUSSION: Looking to the Future – What’s Next for CEM?
    • What are your long-term strategic plans & investment in the following areas in order to deliver excellent services to meet the expectations of both your consumer and enterprise customers?
      • Digitalization of business process
      • Creation of new business models
      • New customer engagement capabilities
    • What new challenges will there be?
    • What solutions will be of use? And what can you do to keep up with new innovations in this field?