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Customer Experience Management (CEM) in Telecoms World Summit 2015
Driving Customer Loyalty and Reducing Churn through Embedding A Customer-Centric Culture Across Your Business

Conference: 13 - 14 August 2015
Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore

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Conference Programme

  • Achieving A Sustainable and Competitive Advantage within An Increasing Challenging Business Environment
  • Operator Keynote Address - Operationalising Customer Experience in the Digital Age
  • Embedding A Customer-Centric Culture Across Your Business
  • Operator Case Study – Building A Customer First Culture
  • Operator Case Study - Using Technology to Put Customer First
  • Operator Case Study – Aligning Department-Level and Corporate-Wide Customer Experience Objectives
  • Creating An Internal Culture Change and Organisational Transformation around Customer Insight and Experience-Keeping
  • Approaching integration in different areas, technologies and systems
  • Ensuring that CEM activities are at the heart of all decision-making processes within the organization
  • Using CEM systems to draw information and insights from cross-organisational sources
  • Driving Customer Loyalty & Reducing Churn
  • Operator Case Study – Loyalty & Retention: What is the Linkage?
  • Leveraging the Customer Experience to Drive Brand Loyalty
  • Operator Case Study – Examining Why and How to Develop Customer Experience Initiatives Specifically Geared Towards Retaining Customers
  • Deciphering & Resolving Next Generation Obstacles in Maximising Customer Loyalty
  • How Can You Reduce Costs and Increase ROI from your CEM Investments whilst Still Offering An Optimal Customer Experience?
  • How do you prioritise your CEM investments and accurately measure the ROI of your CEM initiatives in both the short- and long-term?
  • How can you reduce staffing levels without compromising the customer experience?
  • How can you use self-serve as a way to improve the customer experience whilst reducing costs?
  • How can you reduce costs by minimising the complexity of your CEM initiatives?
  • Which contracts can you re-negotiate with your partners in order to drive cost savings?
  • Leveraging the Strength of Your Partners in the Mobile Chain to Design New Levels of Customer Experience
  • Operator Keynote Address – Delivering A Positive Customer Experience at All Times by Providing the Best Support and Service Possible
  • Putting the Customers at the Heart of Network Management
  • Operator Case Study – Bridging the gap between marketing and technical departments to ensure a single full view of the customers
  • Delivering Service Quality to Reduce Churn Rates
  • How Can You Accurately Measure Your Customers’ Network Experience?
  • What KPIs should you use to ensure that your technical department is working towards customer-centric KPIs rather than traditional technical KPIs?
  • What data should you use to gain accurate reflection of the customer experience on your network?
  • How can you successfully analyse network data to detect when a customer is experiencing a problem?
  • What customer support channels should youo put in place to ensure that you can handle customers’ network issues?
  • How can you manage the burden of handling negative customer experience that arise from apps that you do not own?
  • Engaging Your Employees for Customer Centricity
  • Operator Case Study – Contact Centres: Best Practices in Simplifying the Life of Employees and Enhancing the Customer Experience
  • Operator Case Study – How to Ensure Better Customer Interactions Across All Touch Points?
  • Operator Case Study - Customer Experience Management: Customer Complaints, Expectation, Current Challenges and Way Forward from Operator Perspective
  • Operator Case Study – Bringing Efficiency and Experience in Call Centre
  • Implementation for Success