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Customer Experience Management (CEM) in Telecoms World Summit 2015
Driving Customer Loyalty and Reducing Churn through Embedding A Customer-Centric Culture Across Your Business

Conference: 13 - 14 August 2015
Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore

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“Highly participatory, energising and interactive, bringing lots of ideas, excellent speakers and panellists. I’m very happy to have been a part of it and have learned and shared loads this weeks. Well done!!” – MKA, PLDT

“The forum was insightful – what and how the CSPs are approaching their CEM strategy, some were at the drawing board, while some have started execution and made progress. It was evident there isn’t a single methodology that is applicable across all CSPs – it requires an inside-out approach to achieve CSP’s own unique CEM strategy.” – VK, Intersec

“The CEM conference by Symphony Global brought top practioners and vendors together. It was a great opportunity of networking and learning about results of others just as where the industry is heading to.” – LB, CAMGSM

“Well managed event with interesting speakers who knows about the subject well.” – ARM, Telkomsel

“Well organized. Well targeted event. All participants are CEM professionals. Great way of networking within the industry.” – JH, Nominum

“I think the CEM in Telecommunications World Summit 2015 was well organized in term of subject to discuss, speakers and case study.

“What I like the most is that we were brought from a big scope of the Business Environment today, into what Customer Experience impact on the Digital Service and how to handle is based on examples from several Telco within the Region. Moreover, we were also brought together in a roundtable discussion session to share our thought and experienced.” – ARM, Telkomsel

“I was extremely impressed with the manner in which the conference organize made all the arrangement for this event and it was of value and high standard.” – SDZ, Dialog Axiata

“The CEM in Telecoms World Summit 2015 was a great meeting for MNOs and industry leading vendors. I saw insightful presentations, listened to dynamic panel discussions and enjoyed networking during the entire conference. It was worth to participate.” – LB, Cellcard

“The congress was a great opportunity to share about the hot topic of CEM and I feel that is a crucial issue for all operators to make their customers happy and faithful. The format of the event was highly appreciated. The round tables sessions were friendly and very rich moments of discussions and sharing. It was fascinating to see that by many ways all telco players came to the same conclusion: a cross-functional approach and a strong commitment of the management are key rules to run an efficient CEM program.” – TD, Sofrecom

“I was very pleased to be a part in this event. It was an excellent conference. What other guest speakers have shared were such useful and valuable stuff. For me those concepts, ideas or even know-how of the event can be actually applied for organization CEM enhancement, I am confident that others would have the same idea.” – ST, True Touch

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