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Big Data Analytics & Effective CEM Strategy in Financial Services World Summit 2017
Increasing ROI through developing an effective Big Data & CEM Strategy for your business

Conference: 26 - 27 October 2017
Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore

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Conference Programme:

  • Rotating to the “NEW”: Driving High Performance through Digital Technologies
  • Banker’s Keynote Address – Improving Customer Experience with Data – where data science meets design thinking
  • Insurer’s Keynote Address – Delivering on Digital Transformation Strategies for Superior Customer Experience
  • Enhancing Your Customers’ Experience through Big Data Analytics
  • How Networks Visualization and Graph Theory Can Generate Customer Insights?
  • Leverage Cloud, IoT & Big Data to Your Advantage
  • The Art of Making Big Data Relevant to Your Business
  • Understanding the Limitless Opportunities for Big Data to Improve Business Processes
  • Insurer’s Perspective – How to Understand Customer with Big Data?
  • Banker/Insurer’s Perspective – Loyalty and Retention through Customer Analytics: Building Long Term Growth in Customer Engagement
  • Banker/Insurer’s Perspective – Unlocking As Much Information As Possible through Your Big Data whilst Ensuring Customer Privacy
  • Helping Your Valuable Clients in Making Their Investment Decisions: Creating A Competitive Edge Using Big Data & Machine Intelligence
  • How can you harness your Big Data to help make big decisions that result in big rewards?
    • Exploring how to use your Big Data effectively can improve your key decision-making process in the following areas:
      • Advertising and Marketing
      • Infrastructure
      • Retail
    • Identifying considerations that otherwise might have gone unnoticed through your Big Data
    • Understanding the different stages of data-processing and types of output created
  • Data Driven Business Transformation
  • Insurer’s Keynote Address – Accelerating Innovation with Artificial Intelligence
  • Banker/Insurer’s Keynote Address – Leveraging Big Data Technologies to Achieve Business Growth
  • Driving Your Business Strategies through An Effective Big Data Plan
  • Banker’s Perspective – Democratising the Use of Data across the Business to Achieve and Prove ROI Quickly
  • Insurer’s Perspective - Data to Insight to Action- Driving Exceptional Customer Experience at A Global B2B Firm
  • The Age of Data Automation
  • Why Our Future is ABC?
  • Monetizing Hybrid Data in Real-World Examples
  • Digitizing Customer Support with Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning: Delivering Accurate, Actionable, Predictive Information
  • Banker’s Perspective – Banking v5.0 - How Will Artificial Intelligence Impact the Future of Banking?
  • Why An Analytical Journey Framework is Needed and How to Document and Structure Analytics Across a Customer Journey for Self Service Business Delivery?
  • Banker/Insurer’s Perspective – Regulatory Risk and Remaining Compliant
  • Turning Data into Actionable Customer Insights
    • Designing your data roadmap: Deciding what to capture and how to capture it for greater customer insights
    • How can you leverage customer insights to differentiate service, empower front-line staff and create emotional royalty?
    • Measuring and evaluating the ROI of your data analytics program